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Howlin’ Bullfrog

On The Lighter Side:


The Far Side, by Gary Larson


Bear Rated

On The Lighter Side:


Tundra Comics by Chad Carpenter


On the Lighter Side:


Comic: The Far Side by Gary Larson


And now for something a little lighter…


Comic: The Far Side, by Gary Larson


But they sure can run…


Comic: “Nuggets”, by Jamie Smith

For us tool geeks:


Comic credit: Nuggets by Jamie Smith

Happy Thanksgiving

Comic credit: Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Best comment of the day: “Fairbanks, AK, is a lock to have a White Thanksgiving for the 116th consecutive year. “

More Alaska Humor

Comic: Nuggets, by Jamie Smith

Alaska’s Three Seasons

Winter, Breakup and Summer

Where do my hiking boots fit in?

Comic courtesy of the incredibly talented Jamie Smith, and Nuggets

Happy Mother’s Day, courtesy of The Far Side and Gary Larson