Alabama-Huntsville Hockey

For all my fellow college hockey fans out there… I believe there are two of you… The University of Alabama Huntsville could possibly be the first casualty of the changing hockey landscape. As a fan of the Farthest North Program, I’d really hate to lose the Southern Most program. Since I believe that losing any Division 1 program is not good for college hockey in general (with the possible exception of NoDak) I’ve decided to trumpet UAH’s cause a bit.
Personally, I think facebook is an evil entity, but I suppose it has its moments. For those of you who social network: UAH Boosters have a “Save UAH Hockey” page on f/b. For those of you who try like hell to avoid social networking, there is this link to sign the petition to buy the Huntsville business community time to come up with a way to help suppliment the University’s hockey expenses.

For those of you who do not like college hockey, I suppose you can go play on myspace, or something.


My community service is now complete, Your Honor.

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