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The Big Q: II

Comic credit: Nuggets by Jamie Smith

Because it was -30 this morning

Comic credit: Nuggets and artist Jamie Smith

Happy Halloween

The Moose Has Landed

Comic credit: Jamie Smith – Nuggets

It’s a tad slick out there, as we bounce back & forth across the freezing mark.

I once had a moose climb onto my deck, and it landed in the same position as the one above. When it hit, the entire cabin shook. Once the tremor subsided, I went outside to see that the moose had moved off the deck, leaving four hoof slides, similar to the four points of a compass, marked in the fresh snow.


You looked anyway though, didn’t you?

Comic courtesy of Nuggets by Jamie Smith

It’s Tuesday…


Once again, this comes courtesy of Knoxville Curating, Inc.

Mind no more

All Hallow’s Eve Week Continued


Comic comes courtesy of Knoxvegas, IA