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“Alaska Sunset”

Oil on canvas; Sydney Laurence, Undated

“Deep Water”

Woodcut by Rockwell Kent; 1931

Full Circle Totem

The 360 degree totem pole in Juneau; Photo credit:Lisa Phu/Alaska Beacon

The first 360 degree totem pole in Alaska was dedicated on Wednesday, June 8. The pole is 22′ tall, and 4′ wide at the base. It is between 7-8 feet across at the raven and eagle.

The totem was erected at the Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau, and is only the fourth of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Carved out of a red cedar log, by Haida artist Sgwaayaans (TJ Young), his brother Gidaawaan (Joe Young) as well as several other carvers. The totem pole represents the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures.

“Katchemak Bay”

Woodcut print by Pat Austin; Circa 1975

“Carnivore Creek”

Alkyd on canvas by David Mollett, circa 1988

Mille Fiori

A Thousand Flowers
Chihuly Gardens

“Winter Brillance”

Glasswork by Dale Chihuly

“Nine Scenes from Eskimo Life”

Ink on caribou hide by George Ahgupuk; 1951

“Sunrise on Canyon Walls – Alaska”

Oil on cardboard by Jules B. Dahlager; circa 1926

“Mt Edgecumb”

“Mt Edgecumb, Sitka”, water color on paper by Elsie Burkman; 1969