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Happy Vernal Equinox

Decked out for the season

A lit up STR Nenana

Ethel LeCount Photo Album

Photos by Ethel LeCount:

A black bear peers into the Erie Mine Bunkhouse, Kennecott Mines, circa late 1930’s

Ethel LeCount was a nurse at the Kennecott Hospital at the Kennecott Mill Town in 1937-1938. LeCount shot many rolls of film during her stay out at the old copper mine. The National Park Service has posted some of them online, under the banner: “Ethel LeCount Historical Photo”s on the Wrangell-St-Elias website.

Kennecott by Moonlight

A link to the album is below:

Happy Halloween

First Snow

Sunday brought the first snowfall to the Fairbanks area. That is slightly more than two weeks later than average, and the 6th latest first snowfall in the past 119 years of record keeping. That said, there is no long term trend with the statistic.

The snow falls when it wants to.

“Arctic Ocean, Kaktovik, Alaska”

Photo by Sebastião Salgado; circa 2009

Rosa acicularis

The Arctic Rose, also known as prickly rose

My back “yard” is full of these fragrant, prickly little roses. The Arctic Rose is a thorny, devil and seems to love the company of my willows. The plant can grow up to 8′ tall.

Muir Glacier

A lone paddler in front of Muir Glacier during the Harriman Expedition; Photo by Edward Curtis, 1899

Daddy Longlegs attack Armory

Arachnids atop the Seattle Center Armory; Artwork bt Marlin Peterson

“Eastern Part of the Brooks Range”

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Silver Gelatin Photograph

This stunning image is from Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. Taken in 2009 for his Genesis project. Such a powerful image of the Refuge.