Battle for The Axe

Border Battle

It’s the longest running rivalry in Division 1 football: Minnesota vs Wisconsin. This year, not only is Paul Bunyan’s Axe at stake, but a trip to the Big Ten Championship game as well.

The 124th meeting since 1890 takes place today at Camp Randall in Madison.

Beat Wisconsin

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5 responses to “Battle for The Axe

  • Larry Janicsek

    Mike, I’m going with the Badgers to win. Last night our WI men’s hockey team finally ended their 2014/15 season non winning streak by tying Ferris State. Hey–it wasn’t a loss. LOL

  • Larry Janicsek

    Not a great start for the Badgers.

  • Larry Janicsek

    AXE–not this year for the Gophers. Exciting game, glad for UW that they played at home. Gopher football is on the rise ( quickly and steadily), next year the game should be in St. Paul and the Gophers will probably (and should) be favored.

  • icefogger

    A tough loss for the Gophers, and the Axe Drought continues, but the Badgers were still the better team this year.

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