Growing Season


There’s a nice rhubarb plant just outside my cabin’s door, that grows back every year. Here is a picture of it from last week.

Keep in mind:
It’s still May.
It’s Interior Alaska.
It’s still in the month of May.

I’d say the plant is easily at July 4th height before Memorial Weekend. That is insane.

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5 responses to “Growing Season

  • Rebecca

    When I lived in Alaska, I felt like the seasons ran differently than in the lower 48. I moved there (to Anchorage) at the beginning of April. My first day was in the 50’s, sunny, and people were outside in shorts bbq’ing! Also, one of my first sights was of a young moose looking in through the dining room window! You’re rhubarb plant looks fantastic, by the way! Yum…rhubarb pie!

  • Rebecca

    “your” rhubarb plant, that is.

  • Pete

    A shame I out of state my tomatoes may have grown better then in past years!

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