Daily Archives: 24 March 2011

Death Valley Ranch

I caved in and did the tour of the ranch. Phenominal. It really is. The story of Death Valley Scotty, the Johnsons, and the building of a $2 million castle in Death Valley in the 1920’s is quite the tale. What struck me was the detail that was put into the structure. I could have easily spent all day looking at the craftmanship, if Patrick the Ranger Guide would have allowed it. Alas… he did not.

Titus Canyon

I would have loved to drive Titus Canyon in The Rover, but the old road washed out back in ’04, and the Park Service has it closed to vehicles. They have no interest in seeing it open again. Luckily, they haven’t old us yet that we can’t hike it, so I wandered through the canyon on foot instead.
I didn’t see as much country, but I did feel the heat radiate off of the canyon walls as the sun set.

The Dunes

I didn’t have to walk too far in the sand to get away from people, but I kept walking anyway just to make sure. When I stopped, I noticed that I was in a sea of sand. A living, moving, body of sand. The wind was still blowing gale force, but I wasn’t getting pelted today. Yet millions of grains of sand were flowing over the dunes by hugging their contours. If I had been barefoot, maybe I would have felt them against my ankles… but the sand only flowed around my boots and ventured off across the dunes.