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New Glass


Waiting for UPS

“The laws of the physical universe govern us too. Nothing can be accumulated in this world without a corresponding debt; not experience, not beauty, not wealth, not even love, and the price can never be estimated in advance by the one who has to pay it.”
—–Ted Simon

Glass Everywhere




We awoke Sunday morning to find that someone had smashed the glass in the drivers’s side door. Theft was not the motive. It appears that the side mirror was hit so hard that the door tweaked enough to shatter both windows. The prevalent theory is that another side mirror hit mine as a vehicle sped by way too close. It’s certainly possible that some punk took a swing at the mirror with a baseball bat or other club-like object. Either way, I have a gaping hole off my left shoulder, and I will be finding little bits of safety glass for years.

14000 miles. 3 countries. A territory. 2 providences. 14 U.S. States. And my windows were smashed near my hometown. One has to love a little irony.

Congrats to UMD

I guess nobody told the Bull Dogs that they had absolutely no chance against the Wolverines.

The Frozen Four at the X




The Frozen Four was back at the X for the first time since 2002. In game one, Minnesota-Duluth took on Notre Dame. A close match up with one exception: UMD’s special teams. They had a Power Play that was beautifully executed with pin point passing. It really was a great display of puck movement. The Dawgs held on in the third to win 4-3.

Game two was an even better game, with NoDak taking on Michigan. I’m no Michigan fan, although I never miss a chance to see the Wolverines play when they venture up to Fairbanks. They are always in the top tier of college hockey, and the quality of play is simply above most programs. NoDak, on the other hand, I detest with a passion. The idea of North Dakota winning a National Championship on Minnesota Ice was so repulsive, that I had to root for Michigan. They came in with The Game plan to beat NoDak, and executed it perfectly. It was a physical game, where Michigan outworked the Sioux in the corners, behind the net and at the blue line. Not to mention the fact that Shawn Hunwick had a great game between the pipes for Michigan.

Personally, I think the Bull Dogs will have their hands full with the Wolverines, but UMD DOES have a chance against them. UMD arguably have the best single line in the country and great special teams. Their goal tender will have to come through, and not make the mistakes he made against ND.

Should be a great game.

St Paul

I made it to St Paul. 1712 miles from Amado since Noonish on Sunday. Not bad for an Old Series & an Old Alaskan.

I met up with Larry, Doug and Tom tonight and we headed through the U of M campus to Psycho Suzis. Great food, interesting ambiance… I kind of liked the carpet with the wood floor look… but very average service.

I have officially traveled over 13000 miles now, ventured into three countries, a territory and two providences, as well as 14 U.S. States, and for the first time tonight, in my home state no less, I find myself staying in a Crack House. In all my travels, this is by far, the worst place I have stayed at. I should have some good stories to tell by the end of the weekend. I might just set up my tent in the parking lot. Hard not to be amused by the irony.

Highway 83 Interrupted

The day started off cool, which means that the gear lube was thick and barely went through the pump and into the t-case. Okay… I understand having to keep oils in the cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska… but in Texas? Come on!
I had the idea to run up Highway 83 from Liberal, KS to I-90 in SoDak. Then the wind hit in Kansas around 2pm and all fun was blown out the window and across the prairie. I veared east and hooked up with I-80 in Kearney and life was much better with a tailwind.

Dalhart, TX

It was a short run on Sunday in the heat and battling the wind. The Rover was getting hot, I was getting hot, my right foot was way past hot, so I pulled over for a much needed shower and AC.
Then the wind picked up. I couldn’t believe it was going to blow harder. I crawled under The Rover to check ALL fluids, and had a full gallon of gear lube knocked over by the wind. When I opened the driver’s door, items flew out the rear end. Insanity.

Still windy today, but the temps dropped 20 degrees and The Rover ran fine. No over heating problems, no vapor lock, and I was able to drive until sunset.

Getting psyched for hockey.

OX Tidbits

There were actually 2 Dormobiles this weekend to lust after, although the safari top still gets the prime lust factor. Although, the aux radiator fan also gets a high rating.
Met up with friends and a lot of other cool people while trying not to fry in the intense heat. The 97 degrees on Friday was a bit much for this Alaskan.