St Paul

I made it to St Paul. 1712 miles from Amado since Noonish on Sunday. Not bad for an Old Series & an Old Alaskan.

I met up with Larry, Doug and Tom tonight and we headed through the U of M campus to Psycho Suzis. Great food, interesting ambiance… I kind of liked the carpet with the wood floor look… but very average service.

I have officially traveled over 13000 miles now, ventured into three countries, a territory and two providences, as well as 14 U.S. States, and for the first time tonight, in my home state no less, I find myself staying in a Crack House. In all my travels, this is by far, the worst place I have stayed at. I should have some good stories to tell by the end of the weekend. I might just set up my tent in the parking lot. Hard not to be amused by the irony.

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