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4am Silhouette


Flight of the CL-215

The CL-215 “Ducks” continued to fly over the Moose Mountain Fire Saturday. I was out splitting left over firewood, and generally cleaning up around the cabin. 800 acres have burned so far north of the Goldstream Valley. I have not heard what the cause of the fire was.

Let the Fire Season Begin…

I met the fire trucks on the road this afternoon as I was returning home after retrieving my extension ladder that had been borrowed. I made some calls as more sirens blew past, causing the neighbor’s sled dogs to howl in chorus. Overcome by curiosity, I ventured out onto the deck and took two of the three pics above.


It’s early for a fire. The ground is soaking wet on the surface, and still frozen only a few inches below it. It has been a beautiful day, with a light breeze. If I had to wager a guess, it looks like a burn pile gone rogue, and it has reached the black spruce. The forest service calls those trees “gasoline on a stick”.

Planes have been flying over the cabin for hours now, dropping water & retardant onto the wild fire. There are several that are simply circling the fire, trying to get a feel for who is on the ground, and which direction this fire is going to run off to. The breeze has shifted a bit, and is at least blowing the fire across the horizon from me.

For the moment.

The Classiest Man in Baseball

Killebrew hits his 49th home run vs. Chicago in 1969

Rest in peace Harmon.


That is the final tally for Leg I.

16,130 miles. 3 countries. 2 Canadian provinces and 1 territory. 15 U.S. states. 15 Mexican states. 2 bribes.

The Rover is now sitting peacefully, with its Bosch starter, in San Antonio, Texas waiting for me to make enough money to start Leg II of the Pan-American.

San Antonio Missions

The entire Greer clan took me on a tour of the San Antonio Missions prior to my departure for Alaska. There’s an incredible history to San Antonio, which is so different from the relative newness of recorded history in Interior Alaska.

“Somewhere between Memphis and Chicago is…”

I’ve been out there in the 80+ degree Iowan air working on The Rover. All fluids have been checked and topped off. Bolts have been tightened, lights all seem to be working properly (other than my high-beams) and the gas tank is full.
All camping gear has been properly re-stowed, and The Rover is as ready as it will ever be for the hot temps that we will be driving through to get to San Antonio. Des Moines is calling for 93 degrees tomorrow, and it will only warm up from there as we travel south. This will be a good test of the auxillary fan I installed in front of the radiator.

As I worked on and repacked The Rover, I’ve been streaming The Whip out of Farmer City, Illinois and listening to some damn good Blues. Thanks to Larry for the tip and introduction.