Where’s Mama?

Driving the Bug up to the cabin, I spotted two ears sticking up above the fireweed. I slowed to a stop, the Beetle puttering as only an old VeeDub can, and found two dark eyes peering at me through the green leaves. Moose. I moved the car forward, and the gangly youngster ran out in front of the Bug’s bumper, with a willow branch still hanging from its mouth.

I parked the car, climbed out, and looked around for the mother. “I know you’re around here somewhere,” I said aloud as I walked up the path. I could hear the calf up ahead and figured the cow must be up there as well.

She was.

I took a few pics with the cellphone, and as you can see, the calf was a bit camera shy. To be fair, the little moose was still shorter than the fireweed. Both moose went back to eating once they realized that I was not a threat, so I watched them for a while. I was going to go for a better camera, but it quickly became obvious that they were not going to give me a better shot anyway. So I went about my business, and they went about theirs: Eating everything green in sight.

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