Swift Move

Do people automatically check their brains in their luggage before coming to Alaska?

The headlines from Anchorage on Sunday mainly dealt with the sudden closing and evacuation of the International Airport when a potential passenger made a comment that his friend’s checked luggage contained a bomb. The simple statement, which turned out to be a rather idiotic joke, caused all sorts of havoc just after midnight. The airport was emptied with little information given, flights were postponed or cancelled and the roads to the airport were closed so that people were not allowed to pick up arriving passengers. Hundreds of passengers missed their connecting flights, and people traveling to, or from, warmer climates were forced to stand outside in the below freezing air and freshly falling snow.

The best part of the story: The imbecile who caused the panic was WCHA referee, Pete Friesema, who was in town to officiate UAA’s Season Opening Kendall Hockey Classic.

As of today, the WCHA has suspended Friesema, and the Anchorage judge has stated that he can not leave Alaska prior to his court date in late November. The judge sited the enormous cost to the State of Alaska, the inconvenience to hundreds of fellow passngers, as well as the fact that the referee, a resident of Colorado, is a “flight risk”. The judge did lower & grant his bail however, so Friesema can enjoy all the wonders of Anchorage.

Fairbanks will hold their own hockey tourney this coming weekend. We’d all appreciate it if the official would stay down in Anchorage and watch the Aces if he needs his hockey fix. Afterall, this is CCHA country for one last season.

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