River Ice

I started a new siding job yesterday. When the cedar was delivered, the driver chuckled at me and said, “Good luck. I think you have until Friday before the bottom falls out of the thermometer.”
It was 5 degrees this morning when I went to the jobsite. Luckily for me, 5 degrees in Fairbanks isn’t considered low enough to fall out of the bottom.
I do know that the puddles did not thaw at any point during the day, and that the Chena River had ice flowing down it all day long. In fact, in the morning I could hear the mini ice-floes rub against the ice that had formed along the bank.
Kind of depressing when one thinks back on it from a warm cabin with a fire in the woodstove.
I now vaguely recall that yesterday I could see that Ester & Murphy Domes were capped with snow from the storm that dumped rain down here in the flat lands.
On the bright side, we do have the northern lights putting on a show again tonight.

Editor’s Note: According to the Ever Seeing Eye of WordPress, this entry is my 300th post. For some reason that number makes me want to take a trip…

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