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Dutch Harbor Dragnet

beach seine

More from the Unalaska Police Blotter:

1146 – Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller reported a tall man carrying a buoy, an activity which he found suspicious. Officers did not locate the buoy-sporting suspect.

8 December, Saturday
0118 – Trespass – Caller asked police to remove a woman from his residence, and told the responding officers that the woman never leaves after he invites her to his house. Officers suggested that perhaps he should stop inviting her. The woman left without incident.

1100 – Harassment – Woman reported receiving annoying text messages from an unidentified sender. Officers determined the sender was an 11-year old girl who had forwarded the messages after being told that forwarding the messages would bring her luck. The girl and her parents were informed of the problem.

0949 – Welfare Check – Caller expressed concern about being unable to contact a friend by phone for the last several days. An officer contacted the friend, who stated that he turns his phone off when he’s sober.

13 November, Tuesday
0125 – Suspicious Person/Activity – An amorous bloke who in a misguided attempt to attract a mate placed his genitals on full, flapping display in the roadway instead caught the attention of a passing police officer. The luckless lad was allowed to leave without charges since the intended victim couldn’t be offended by what she couldn’t see.