Daily Archives: 24 February 2013

The Details are Unimportant

I ran into a contractor yesterday.

“Hey. I have something for you,” he yelled across several aisles.

“Can it wait until May? I’m booked till May.”

“Well… May huh?”

“Definitely May. If you can keep it to May, that would be great. If you tell me about it, I’ll be tempted to shuffle things around, and I really shouldn’t. I’m booked solid. Real solid.”

He looked at me with suspicion. “What are you working on?” He finally asked.

“I really can’t say. Sorry.”

“Trying to get Outside, are you? A little cabin fever?”

“I really can’t tell you about the project. I wish I could. Confidentiality. All that jazz. You know how it is.”

“The pay is great,” he says smiling at me.

“Now you are just being an ass hole.”

“Call me in May. I can work with that.”

“Great. It just so happens I’ll be free in May. Late May mind you.”