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It is Alive


San Antonio, Texas

A long day, but a very productive day. The Turner Engine was installed, wires hooked up, overdrive reinstalled, fluids added and we ran the engine long enough to open up the thermostat.
Considering the severity of the surgery, the process has gone extremely well.

Tonight is just a beautiful night in San Antonio to sit outside, with a scotch and a celebratory buzz, watching the fire take hold in the brick oven. Temps are near 70 with a light breeze.

Life is good.

The Turner Arrives

Turner Crate




I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new, rebuilt Turner Engine. We picked it up from the freight company this morning and proceeded to transfer items from the old motor to the new. I’d say we have about 90% transferred, and the rest will be done tomorrow after procuring some new bolts that had to be replaced for various reasons.

Overall, the work today went incredibly well. I can only hope that the install will go even close to as problem free.

Right now, I am extremely impressed with the Turner. Everything was together and ready for us to run with it. Obviously, the test will be when The Rover gets back on the road, but for the moment, Five Stars to Turner Engineering, and Seven Stars to Mac and his shop.

“I go a great distance while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow.”
— Manuel Lisa

Open Heart Surgery




Back in Texas performing major surgery on the Rover with the help of my Sponsor as well as his crew.

The bulkhead was removed and the engine pulled out in slightly less than 2 hours.

Everything was marked & pictures taken, so I’m hoping the install will go as smoothly.


“Tell me the truth, how do you feel?
Like you’re rollin’ so fast that you’re spinning your wheels?”

——The Eagles

I was back in Little Bighorn country again today, and went by the Battlefield. It seems like I was just here.

“I’ve got a story, I ain’t got no moral
Let the bad guy win every once in a while”

——-Billy Preston

“Proceed as the way opens.”
–Quaker Proverb


You know you’ve made an impression when a motel manager assigns someone to shadow your vehicle with a scoop and a bucket of oil-dry.