A Little June Hockey


I’m not really a huge NHL fan, even though I love the sport of hockey.  The NHL lost me when Norm Greed moved the North Stars to Dallas of all places.  Then when I do start to get interested again, the NHL decides it’s time to promote Lockouts instead of the game.  Still, hockey is hockey, even in June, and we have an unusual situation this year as we go into the semi-finals.

Unlike the college Frozen Four, where we had four teams reach the finals that had never won the championship before.  This year in the NHL, for the first time since 1945, we have the four previous champs in the final four.  It’s down to Pittsburgh (2009), Chicago (2010), Boston (2011) and Los Angeles (2012) for the Stanley Cup.

It’s bound to be the makings of some good hockey, so I’ll probably try to catch the few games that Bettman will allow on broadcast television.  I’m kind of pulling for the Kings & Penguins.  I don’t think LA can beat Chicago only averaging 2 goals a game, but cheering for the Blackhawks is almost as bad as cheering for NoDak when you’re a former Minnesotan.

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