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The temp hit 84 degrees here in Fairbanks today, which allowed us to tie a record set in 2004 for the number of days in a season where the mercury has hit 80 degs or more. The average is only 11 days, but we’ve reached 80 degs thirty times this summer.

Tomorrow Fairbanks should break the record. Then we should break it again on Friday. And on Saturday. And it looks like it will fall once again on Sunday.

How Bad Have the Mosquitos Been?

Biblically nasty…




Krause Thumbs Up

These photos and the corresponding youtube video, have become a hit in Fairbanks. They were taken & posted online by University of California, Davis researcher Jesse Krause at UAF’s Toolik Field Station north of the Brooks Range.

It looks more like a swarm of locusts.

It’s been a viscious mosquito year throughout the state, to the level that even Anchorage is complaining about them (although they do complain a lot down there). Fairbanks has had it worse than Anchorage, but nothing like what is going on out on the tundra, as these photos show. This was not the summer to travel and camp along the Dalton Hwy.

My favorite quote: “The whole horizon is nothing but mosquitos.”

A special thanks to Jerry Krause for sharing these insane photos.

Weekend Update:

The Pond

A busy weekend. The weather continues to be phenomenal here in Interior Alaska. Other than mosquitos, this has been one hell of a good summer.
After replacing the master cylinder in the Veedub a few weeks ago, I had the main brake line running to the rear brakes crack. I knew full well that I should have replaced all the lines, but I just wanted to drive the car and replaced what I obviously had to. No doubt, I weakened this line by removal/refit and it popped about a week later. The damn thing runs through the car, and I had to remove the driver’s seat to replace the line. Judging by the corrosion, I’m sure it’s original to the car. The line was a pain, especially disconnecting it at the rear ‘T’. Luckily, that Kroil spray works magic and the Bug was quickly back on the road. I must say one thing: It was the easiest vehicle I have ever bled the brakes on. And I did it solo! Damn. I couldn’t help but glare over at the Land Rover when I was finished.

I took a couple of the dogs out to The Pond in the afternoon, and was surprised at how close to the shore I could get. Normally, one can not get close without waders, but I was out there on it’s edge in tennis shoes. No rain to speak of for an entire summer will dry up the sponge. It will also, with the help of a healthy dragon fly population, take down the mosquito numbers. They are finally getting to a manageable level.

Goldpanner’s Baseball


We went to a Goldpanner’s game Saturday evening. It was the final game in Fairbanks this season, as the Panner’s wrapped up the Alaska Baseball League title earlier in the week. It was a beautiful night to be out at Growden Park and there was a great crowd to see Fairbanks take on the Matanuska Miners.

The Goldpanners played their first game in Fairbanks in 1960. Since then, 200 former Panners have gone on to play Major League ball. That’s more than any other single summer amateur team, and until recently, it was more than the 100 year old Cape Cod League teams combined. Former Goldpanners include: Dave Winfield, Eddie Bane, Shane Mack, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Bobby Crosby.

An interesting tidbit: Of the 21 players who have made their professional debut in the majors, six are Goldpanners, including Dave Winfield (San Diego) and Eddie Bane (Minnesota).

Panner tidbits courtesy of

Virginia Slaps

Malawi Wisdom

“Your mother is your mother, even if one of her legs is too short.”

“Ask for rain and you’re asking for mud!”

“Two buttocks cannot avoid friction.”

Guilty as Charged…

“It isn’t that we wouldn’t live anywhere but Alaska, but that living in Alaska makes us unfit to live anywhere else.”

Return of Dragnet

From the Unalaska Police Blotter:

8 July
1340 – MVA Damage – Minor damage but no injuries ensued when one driver backed into another in the Grand Aleutian Hotel parking lot. Driver #1 was cited for Limitations on Backing.

1528 – Animal – Protest about perpetual problems with pets pooping on plots other than their own.

2259 – Animal – Caller reported a dead cat in the roadway. An officer responded and found no dead feline, only a motley collection of Bald Eagles.

“He said in English, ‘They do not want your life, _bwana_. They want your shoes.'”
—-“Dark Star Safari:Overland From Cairo to Cape Town”


I don’t think I’ve done a post on the tourists this season. My sincerest apologies…

From The Skagway News:

1) “I want to go swimming with the orcas … you know, like the dolphins in Florida. How come they don’t have that here?”

2)”An older tourist walks into Fairway Market and says to the senior checker, ‘Do you people have deodorant?’

“Checker: ‘Ball type?’

“Man (blushing), ‘Oh my, no, it’s for my underarms.’ “

I think that a new reality show “Swimming with the Orcas” would make quite the bloody splash.