In other news…

It’s hot out there!

Crazy weather so far this winter. It is too warm outside to have a fire burning in the woodstove. The snow is melting, mainly because it has been raining! much of the day. I ran into friends wearing shorts today at the post office. It’s December, afterall.
Oddly enough, I hear it is not too warm Outside, which is a shame. Really. I mean it. It really is a damn shame. Deep down, I feel your shivers, as I wear shorts and a t-shirt tonight and watch D-1 hockey.

Just remember: What folks Outside consider “cold” weather, we in Interior Alaska call a “heat wave”. The subzero weather will return to us soon enough, so forgive us for working on our pre-Christmas tan this weekend.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

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  • Pete

    Hey my son down in Texas said it is warmer up here than in Dallas. He also said it was because i am heading down next week for Christmas that he arranged to lower the Texas temperatures… Have a great Christmas!

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