Daily Archives: 6 December 2013

In other news…

It’s hot out there!

Crazy weather so far this winter. It is too warm outside to have a fire burning in the woodstove. The snow is melting, mainly because it has been raining! much of the day. I ran into friends wearing shorts today at the post office. It’s December, afterall.
Oddly enough, I hear it is not too warm Outside, which is a shame. Really. I mean it. It really is a damn shame. Deep down, I feel your shivers, as I wear shorts and a t-shirt tonight and watch D-1 hockey.

Just remember: What folks Outside consider “cold” weather, we in Interior Alaska call a “heat wave”. The subzero weather will return to us soon enough, so forgive us for working on our pre-Christmas tan this weekend.

It’s all a matter of perspective.



It may be my (slightly) quirky nature, but I would love to go to Manaus. Just look where it is! In the middle of the Amazon, where the Rio Negro meets the Amazonas.

Think of the trek to get there. Even before today’s World Cup draw, I’ve looked at maps and wondered, “How can I get there and how poor of a condition is Rodovia Transamaz├┤nica really?. Hmmmm….


A small section of the Trans-Amazonian Highway.

People world-wide are correct: Futbol causes excitement.