Top Brew States

Wisconsin over Iowa?

My main interest in this post, besides the listing of craft brews, is that one friend will like the above picture, and another will probably stop watching the blog for a few days.

At any rate, Thrillist ranked each state based on their local beers. Mississippi came in dead last at #50. Iowa was #34, with Toppling Goliath coming in as their top beer. Alaska #25, with Midnight Sun Berserker & Anchorage Bitter Monk taking top honors. Texas was #20, with venerable Shiner getting mentioned as well as Jester King & Saint Arnold. Minnesota came in at #16, with Dangerous Man Brewing, Summit, and several others getting mentioned. Wisconsin #7 (which should surprise no one) with New Glarus’ Spotted Cow taking top honors. Oregon topped out the list.

Come on Iowa, you’re lagging behind.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bui

Check out Thrillist for the complete state listing.

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