Lucas Wiper Motor Rebuild

Lucas – Inventor of the first intermittent wiper…

Lucas Series IIa Wiper Motor

When I made the Rover Run into Mexico, the passenger side wiper worked just fine. At some date since then, it stopped working. Since I rarely, i.e. never, bother to turn on the passenger side, it is hard to say how long it has been on the fritz. With the new windscreens. I figured I might as well open the unit up and re-grease it, and do anything else it may need to operate again.

Inside cover removed from Lucas motor

Getting the interior side cover off was a breeze. The electrical brushes looked fairly good, but I’ll attempt to find a new set and replace them since I’ve gone this far. The plate that blocks the exterior side cover has been a little less cooperative.

The driver’s side motor works, but I’d like to refurbish that one as well. I figured I’d practice on the passenger side first. This way, I also have a complete unit intact, for re-assembly purposes.

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