Here is a situation where 4 Wheel Drive will probably not help.


The 51,000 ton cargo ship Hoegh Osaka developed a rather severe list after its departure from Southampton. Among its cargo is roughly 1200 Jaguars and Land Rovers that were headed to Germany.

The vessel was intentionally grounded on a small isle called Bramble Bank off the coast of England to avoid sinking. The ship’s 25 crew members escaped with only a few minor injuries.

The upcoming “Scratch & Dent” Sale could be interesting.

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  • Larry Janicsek

    Mike, Loved your commentary. “Buyer beware”. I’d like to eventually know how the disposition of those cars is handled. I know (from Linda’s son) when there’s big hail damage to new cars on dealer lots in Cheyenne buyers and dealers seem to love buying and selling those cars. Buyers get good deals, dealers get good $$ from the ins. cos. Individual and group buyers come from distances to scoop up the deals. Good for some– NOT SO MUCH FOR THE INS COS.

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