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This doesn’t make me a Badger

Aldo Leopold bow hunting

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has a free online course on hunting and conservation which is centered on Aldo Leopold and his writings. I was intrigued, and spontaneously signed up once the course was announced, and now it starts on Monday. I haven’t taken any classes in ages, and have far too much going on as it is right now, but I’m still going to plod through and see what it all is about. All one has to do is throw “Leopold” out there, and I’m in. In fact, I think the last course I took involved Leopold here at the University of Alaska, and that one was not even close to being free.

The general course aim:
“The overall goal of this course is to engage you in learning about how wildlife management and recreational hunting play a role in the evolving face of conservation.”

On the plus side, I already have the text book, and have read it many, many times.

Wish me luck, and remember:

Don't be a Badger