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Queued up

The Rover on the Haul Road

One thing I do like about loading up posts in the queue, is that I can be gone all week and nobody has any idea.

Get out and enjoy autumn!

“Like the River, we were free to wander.”

— Aldo Leopold

January Observation:

Special thanks to the Aldo Leopold Foundation

South Bound

The past few weeks, we have had an influx of visitors, as the sandhill crane population increased exponentially. A few stragglers still remain, but most have headed further south on their annual autumn migration. I will miss their prehistoric trumpet from the marsh as they winter Outside.

Aldo Leopold "Farm" quote

“The crane is wilderness incarnate”

The Wisconsin River near Baraboo has become a late season congregation point for the sandhill crane. As many as 10,000 cranes converge here to rest and stock up before heading to their wintering grounds. It’s an impressive wildlife resurgence.

The sandhill crane had all but disappeared from the upper Midwest by the early 1930’s. The last of the breeding populations were gone from Illinois in 1890, Iowa in 1905, South Dakota in 1910, Ohio in 1926, and Indiana in 1929. By the 1930’s, there were only a few dozen cranes left in the state of Wisconsin.

I have a thing for cranes. Their lonely bugle call from the swamps always stops me in my tracks. Their migration in and out of Alaska is a bi-annual highlight of living in Alaska. Luckily, the population has been growing since the 1980’s, and this section of the Wisconsin River has been vital for that to happen.

The Aldo Leopold Foundation offers viewing tours along the Wisconsin River, behind Leopold’s Shack in November and December.

“When we hear his call we hear no mere bird. We hear the trumpet in the orchestra of evolution. He is the symbol of our untamable past, of that incredible sweep of millennia which underlies and conditions the daily affairs of birds and men.”
— Aldo Leopold

The Aldo Leopold Foundation offers viewing tours along the Wisconsin River, behind Leopold’s Shack in November and December.

The video and statistics come courtesy of The Aldo Leopold Foundation. The title quote is from Aldo Leopold’s “Marshland Elegy”

Aldo quote
Credit:The Aldo Leopold Foundation

Aldo Leopold Week

Leopold Quote

The state of Iowa declared this week, March 1-7, Aldo Leopold Week. Winneshiek County, in a partnership with Luther College, has had events going all week.

Leopold was born in Burlington, IA in 1887.

Photo with quote comes courtesy of Winneshiek County Conservation



My classes through the University of Wisconsin ended on Sunday, and I’m happy to say I passed all my tests. I have earned a Statement of Accomplishment! Which I’m sure is one step up from a Gold Star… maybe even two steps. I was hoping for a Badger pelt, but I think one has to take a series of courses before you earn that. Maybe that trapping class…

The course was extremely well done, and I have to give credit to UW and the instructors for putting together such a well thought out and designed course.

A side element to the videos, lectures and reading material that did not have a direct bearing on my grade was the forum discussions that took place online. I simply didn’t have time to do much more than occasionally look into them, but they were lively discussions from what I saw.

Kudos to UW for formulating a course on hunting, wildlife management, conservation, and tying it into the larger picture of Leopold’s Land Ethic, as we are immersed in the challenges of this 21st century.

This doesn’t make me a Badger

Aldo Leopold bow hunting

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has a free online course on hunting and conservation which is centered on Aldo Leopold and his writings. I was intrigued, and spontaneously signed up once the course was announced, and now it starts on Monday. I haven’t taken any classes in ages, and have far too much going on as it is right now, but I’m still going to plod through and see what it all is about. All one has to do is throw “Leopold” out there, and I’m in. In fact, I think the last course I took involved Leopold here at the University of Alaska, and that one was not even close to being free.

The general course aim:
“The overall goal of this course is to engage you in learning about how wildlife management and recreational hunting play a role in the evolving face of conservation.”

On the plus side, I already have the text book, and have read it many, many times.

Wish me luck, and remember:

Don't be a Badger

Firewood Physics

Hauling firewood

“If one has cut, split, hauled, and piled his own good oak, and let his mind work the while, he will remember much about where the heat comes from, and with a wealth of detail denied to those who spend the weekend in town astride a radiator.”

— Aldo Leopold

Photo courtesy of the Aldo Leopold Foundation