In the Red

June 2015 Fire Map
Wildfires across Alaska

After a winter with very low snowfall, and the month of May being the warmest on record for Alaska, it should come as no surprise that we have wildfires kicking up all over the state. As of Wednesday, there were 278 fires burning across Alaska.

Every morning, my truck has a layer of ash on it, and outdoor events all over the state are being cancelled due to the nasty air out there. With fires all around Fairbanks, it no longer matters which direction the wind is coming from. The only relief will come from some much needed rainfall, which seems remote at best. Currently, the Tanana Valley is in a Dense Smoke Advisory, but just north of us, a huge swath on either side of the Yukon River is in a Dense Smoke Warning.

With Alaska Airlines now flying to Costa Rica, I’m tempted to just buy a ticket and fly out in search of some air to breathe that doesn’t make my lungs and head ache.

Graphic courtesy of Alaska Division of Forestry

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