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Miles at Newport

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Newport Jazz Fest 1955
Miles Davis, Percy Heath, and Gerry Mulligan at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1955. Photo credit: The Newport Jazz Festival.

Newport Jazz Festival

All roads lead to Newport

The Newport Jazz Festival starts up this Friday, July 31 and runs through August 2. This year the festival will mark the 60th Anniversary of Miles Davis’ first Newport appearance.

The Newport Jazz Festival was started in 1954 by George Wein, who at 89, is still producing the iconic music festival.

An almost sacred thing…


“…(He) did not want to talk about the crash. He did not want to talk about his survival. He left some part of himself back in Alaska. It’s something he does not want to disturb or share. The wilderness can do that to people who face it alone. It becomes a private thing, an almost sacred thing.”
— Doug Beckstead from “81 Days Below Zero”

Photo credit: The University of Alaska Photo Archives

A New Drive

60 yards of fresh tailings

60 yards of rock later, and the start of a new driveway is in place. The truck time cost me 3X the material cost.

I could use a dump truck.


Type 3 Travels

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Utah Hwy 95 with VW
Photo credit: Canyon Country Zephyr. Check them out!

Just an awesome photo that I came across while doing some research on Glen Canyon. Love the classic VW Squareback along Utah Hwy 95 in 1971. Makes me want to exchange the Bug for a Squareback… and head south.

For Neno

Godzilla Manhattan

Running Topless

Summer Rover

I took the top off of The Rover earlier in the week. It is the first time I’ve lifted the top, and my main reason is that the seals between the top and bed really need to be replaced. Not to mention the fact that snow flies into the cab from between the lid and windscreen when I’m driving down winter’s road. There is nothing enjoyable about that.

What is enjoyable, is zipping around town without the roof. It’s a blast, so I may have to test drive it a bit more to get the feel for things before I replace the roof. Maybe even pull the spare tire off the bonnet and drop the windscreen down.

There’s nothing like driving with the top down through the smoke-filled air of Interior Alaska.

What could possibly go wrong?

Lion feeding

2 Million

Land Rover announced in May that they have built 2 million Series and Defender model vehicles.

A 1955 Series I

Starting in 1948 with the Series I and ending in 2015 with the Defender, 2 million have rolled off the Solihull assembly line.

The 2 millionth Land Rover Defender.

The 2,000,000th vehicle is a silver Defender 90, which will have several special features including custom upholstery and, of course, logos. A team of dignitaries and celebrities, which included Tim Slessor of First Overland fame, took part in the “wrench turning” on the special Defender 90.

The two millionth Defender will be auctioned off in December.

Getting Closer

Pluto & Charon

Pluto & its largest moon Charon. Photo credit: NASA

After 9 years and 3 billion miles, New Horizons is now less than a million miles from Pluto. Tomorrow, the SUV-sized space probe will perform its Pluto flyby at 7800 miles from the surface of the former planet.

Amazing stuff.