On The Sioux Trail: Acton Township

The U.S.-Dakota War of 1862; Part II

Acton Township, MN
Acton Incident marker

On August 17, 1862, the late annuity payments had reached nearby Fort Ridgely, but it was too late. On that same day, four young Dakota men were out hunting, they came upon Robinson Jones, the Acton Township postmaster at his farm. The young hunters followed Jones towards Howard Baker’s farm, where they shot and killed Jones, Baker, Viranus Webster, along with Jones’ wife and daughter.

Acton Township marker

The four hunters fled 40 miles to Rice Lake Village to plead for help. The Dakota were ready for war, and Little Crow reluctantly agreed to lead the Dakota into battle.

Acton Incident

This was the one site on The Sioux Trail that had a log book for visitors to enter their names. I found the number of European visitors intriguing. I didn’t expect many people to search out this monument, which sits in the yard of a private home, surrounded by Minnesota farm land.

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