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Leicester Champs

I’d be remiss if I didn’t send a shoutout to Leicester City FC after their first Premier League Championship. It is the Club’s only championship in its 132 year history. Their previous best season in the league was the 1928-29 season when they finished second.

Leicester Fan

Leicester was a 5000 to 1 longshot at the start of the season at Ladbrokes (Vegas odds had them at 2500-1). To give that some perspective: The Miracle on Ice Team that beat the Soviets in hockey at the 1980 Olympic Games were at 1000-1 odds; the 1987 Minnesota Twins entered the season at 500-1 odds to win the World Series, which they did against St Louis; even the famed ’69 Mets entered the season at “only” 100-1 odds.

24 bets still stood at Ladbrokes when the Leicester City Foxes won the Premier League. A 10 pound bet would bring a haul of 50,000 pounds. In all, Ladbrokes will pay out 3 million pounds with Leicester City winning the league. Luckily for them, Manchester United fans bet far more than that on their team, so Ladbrokes is well ahead.


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