Telephones: Unsafe with any dial

Fire at Rotary Park

Officials with Samsung appeared at the Ma Bell archives late Friday night after combing through the catacombs of the long forgotten warehouse. Witnesses to the hastily called press conference confirmed that the above photo, which recently went viral, shows a building that burned to the ground when a rotary phone spontaneously went up in flames in June of 1972.

“Technology simply has not advanced enough, in the world of communication, to avoid these occasional bursts of telephone pyrotechnics,” stated Samsung’s fire chief emeritus, Edgar Robins. “Frankly, we’ve been battling this since the Candlestick,” he added solemnly.

Melted rotary

A photo of the alleged offending rotary phone was also displayed at the press conference. This photo, much to the dismay of the fire chief emeritus, did not go viral.

Editor’s note; A Correction: The first photo above was of a fire at Rotary Park, not a fire caused by a rotary phone, as previously reported. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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