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1918 Influenza Pandemic

100 years ago:

A marker at the mass grave in Brevig Mission, Alaska

There’s a mass grave in Brevig Mission that dates back to November of 1918. There are 72 villagers buried in the grave, all of them died within five days of each other in November of that year from the Spanish Influenza.

November was the deadliest month in the state, with 831 deaths. As many as 11,000 Alaskans died from the 1918-19 Pandemic, with over 80% of those deaths being Alaska Natives. In 1918, less than 50,000 people inhabited the entire state.

Orphans in the village of Nushagak, Alaska, in the wake of the pandemic. 1919

World-wide, some 50 million lives were lost to the pandemic of 1918.