Niagara Aquarium

I spent some time out at the aquarium in Niagara. I arrived just in time to see the sea lions. I’m not a big fan of “seal acts”, but at least these sea lions are not eligible to be put back into the wild. For various reasons, these animals would not make it on their own in the natural world. Some were found as abandoned pups, and others were found injured from run-ins with boats.

California Sea Lion

Australian Spotted Jelly

Lion Fish: These fish have a lifespan of 15 years, and are an invasive species in North America

Clown Fish

Juvenile Lake Sturgeon: The sturgeons at the aquarium are all hatchery raised, and will be released into Lake Ontario once they are strong enough.

Axolotl: There are no axolotls left in the wild. All habitat has been destroyed by humans. Also known as a “Mexican Walking Fish, the axolotl is not a fish at all, but an amphibian.

Harbor & gray seals

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