Green Up!

Graphic credit: NWS-Fairbanks

Green Up was officially declared on Sunday here in Fairbanks. A quirk maybe of Interior Alaska, our tree buds explode with green all at once, due to the wonderfully long days we have this time of year. We literally go from brown tree limbs to vibrant green forests, as if a switch is being flipped.

This is our official declaration of summer. Cheers!

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3 responses to “Green Up!

  • Mitch Zeissler

    Neat! While we’ve been in the green for quite awhile here in central Maryland, today marks the last of the recorded freeze days according the records I’ve been keeping for the past 30+ years. Spring is *really* here now – woohoo!

    • icefogger

      I’m not sure we ever are out of freeze danger. What an intriguing concept! I do know that I have seen it snow in every month of the year, during my years in Alaska.

      • Mitch Zeissler

        The same applies where I grew up in the high desert of southeastern Idaho and the mountain property that we owned in southwest Colorado, where we once woke up to an inch of snow on our tent in late June (which wasn’t surprising at 11,300 feet).

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