Daily Archives: 20 January 2011


I drove along the border from New Mexico into Arizona, then went north through Bisbee and into Tombstone. I guess one just has to stop at Tombstone, although Bisbee was a lot more fun.
For the most part, I wasn’t impressed with Tombstone; it reminded me of Skagway. The main drag has been closed off to traffic and is corrupted by the tour companies. I’m holding out some hope that at least some of the businesses are locally owned, but that’s crazy, naive talk. Like Skagway, the historic buildings still stand, but they are now home to trinket shops, a few restaurants, and Bank of America. Walking down the boardwalk, I looked into a bookstore window and saw the biography of Soapy Smith proudly displayed. I would not be a bit surprised if they had info on Princess Cruise trips to Alaska inside.
I did not venture into the OK Corral, because I did not want to pay the admission. I just wasn’t feeling the capitalism that afternoon.