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Spreading the Love

On your way from Xilitla to Las Pozas, stop in and see Josephine and order up some lunch. You’ll be happy you did.

Las Pozas Part II

Here’s some postive Mexican images.

I can’t afford the cops down here…

R*RATED for Language and General Attitude

*Edited at 6:55pm*

Driving towards Veracruz, I passed through two checkpoints: one was the Federales and the other was military. Both stopped me this time around. The soldiers asked me where I had been and where I will be going. The Federale asked me where I had been, then asked me if I had enjoyed the food, how did you find the people, and then finally he thanked me for visiting Mexico. He actually thanked me.

Now I know why. He knew what was up ahead.

This time the f****** officer was greedy and kept me on the side of the road until he wore me down. He cleaned me out of all the cash that I didn’t have hidden, and it still wasn’t enough, but he finally realized it really was all I had “available”.
I am trying very hard to not get a bad taste in my mouth for Mexico. It is a f******* shame two lazy, corrupt &%#(*!@$ can have such an impact. I can see why most Americans get turned off by the corrupt policia. UGH!

I said “f*** it” and pulled into a very night hotel for $70 U.S. with a beautiful room, a pool, and a very nice bar.

*I already feel better after the beer*
I couldn’t afford scotch.