Daily Archives: 5 January 2011

Costa Esmeralda

My home for a few days as I explored The Emerald Coast, Papantla and Tajin. The family here that run Mar Esmeralda were simply wonderful. This is the place to stop along this little run of beach. Even their kids got into the act asking about the different flags on the window, and the little boy was intrigued by the plug hanging out of The Rover’s grill. Try explaining having to plug in your car to an 8 year old kid using broken Spanglish…
Well worth the effort.

El Tajin Pics

El Tajin

I left Costa Esmeralda fairly early to head back north to see El Tajin. I was told that Tajin is the Totonac’s word for Thunder & Lightning, and this place is quite the homage to the Thunder & Rain God.
The picture above is of the “Ball Field” one of 17 courts found here at Tajin. I’ll post the picture in another post of the relief carving depicting the sacrificial act carried out after the game. It shows three players: One is about to plunge a knife into the chest of a second, while the third holds the arms of the victim. It’s still incredibly clear after all of the centuries. At first they thought a losing player was sacrificed, but they now believe that it may have been the winning captain, which would make a much better sacrifice to the gods. Talk about incentive…

I was here for several hours. Admission was free the day I went, which was nice on one hand, but it did make the place packed by 1pm, and I had to escape the crowds by 2 or so.

The museum is well worth the look, and the voladores rite, carried out on a 100 foot tall pole is pretty cool as well. Just beware… they will come around for a donation, the act is not free.