Daily Archives: 1 March 2012

and then, on the way to the truck…

Terrible pics, I guess the flash on the camera leaves a little to be desired, but this does give one a great idea on how easy it is to walk right up to a moose in the dark. The trick is to realize what that huge shadow is before a hoof comes flying out of it and hits you on the nose.

This cow moose was right off my deck devouring a willow when I stepped outside. The moose have been around all winter eating all the vegetation within moose-reach. At one point, a beautiful bull jumped my neighbor’s fence to get at all the tasty, exotic trees that he has planted over the years. A swift blow across the bull’s ass with a cross country ski only pissed the beast off, but the second charge of The Light Brigade sent a barage of fireworks at the big bull and he high-tailed it back across the fence and the trees were saved.

For now.

The next day, I was hired to raise the height of the fence.

Watch Your Step

Sometimes it really is best to look out the window before one opens the door.