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“All of us have hopes of being a poet, artist, discoverer, philosopher, scientist; of possessing the attributes of all these simultaneously. Few are permitted to achieve any one of them in daily life. But in travel we attain them all. Then we have our day of glory, when all our dreams come true, when we can be anything we like, as long as we like, and, when we’re tired of it, pull up stakes and move on. Travel — the solitude of the mountains, the emptiness of the desert, the delicacy of a minaret; eternal change, limitless contrast, unending variety.”
–Eric Lang as quoted by Robert Fulton Jr.

“One Man Caravan” has been on my to-read list for awhile now. It’s the story of Robert Fulton Jr’s 25,000 mile trek from London to Tokyo through 32 countries in 18 months on a customized twin-cylinder Douglas motorcycle at the age of 23.

Great. Now I’m back reading travel books.

Quote Courtesy of MAO Inc.

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