Slightly frustrating…


The Rover is back together and we took it for a test run on Sunday. There were no leaks, and the engine temp stayed at the appropriate level, so the combination of the additional shroud and the new water pump seemed to solve the over heating issue.

When I drove The Rover down to San Antonio a year ago, I encountered a fuel supply problem. The engine acted as if it were starved for fuel. I ended up just using the backup electric fuel pump to finish the drive.
I expected this issue to be easily resolved, and had a new mechanical pump sent to SA along with the new h2o pump. Unfortunately, the fuel pump has become the issue that lingers, as I still have the same fuel starvation problem.
The truck runs perfect with the electric pump, and there is a steady flow of fuel through the line. We cranked the motor with the ignition off and only a trickle flowed with the mechanical pump. We actually saw an increase in fuel flow by manually working the fuel pump. I’ve refitted the pump to make sure the pump arm was fitted properly in the block, but with the same results. These are the most basic of pumps, yet I am stymied.


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