Oil Leaks, Thumping Propeller Shafts, and Dark High Beams




Back with The Rover in San Antonio. I knew months ago, way back in California when I last had the 4WD engaged, that the front propeller shaft was in need of a set of new u-joints. Mac had also mentioned that the front seal had developed an oil leak. Both were on the agenda to get repaired before driving north in the round-about direction of Alaska.

With The Rover still taking up space in the Expedition’s Sponsor’s shop, tools & Rover expertise were bound to be exploited. The drive shaft was the first to come off, followed by the removal of the water pump & front cover. The guys at the shop simply shook their heads and questioned my sanity at the quick explosion of Rover parts. I don’t even want to get into the reason for the welder…

As seen in the picture of the lower pulley, the groove in the shaft caused the leak in the front seal. The first wave of parts arrived late Wednesday, so today saw the refit of the new front seal, front cover and a new water pump. Yesterday saw the refit of a new fuel pump & the disassembly of the front propeller shaft. The shaft was more of a challenge than either Mac or I had suspected. No doubt due to the fact that everything previous had gone smoothly. Rovers First Law.

The propeller shaft was also reassembled today, with only a minor hitch to contend with. A press is a damn nice thing to have around.

Parts Wave #2 is due Friday-Monday, and Wave #3 is due Monday-Tuesday. The final wave, in theory, should allow The Rover to have high beams once again. I think I lost them somewhere in Kansas long ago.

As crazy as it sounds, this has been a very relaxing stress-free vacation so far. San Antonio is wonderful when it is not 100 degs.

Oh yeah: I wanted to take the dog from the propane place home with me this afternoon, and then tonight I wanted to feed another dog to the coyotes.

Yin. Yang.

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