Daily Archives: 9 August 2012

Cool July

While much of the Lower 48 has been in the deep fryer this summer, it has been unusually cool here in Alaska. Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks have all been below normal temperature-wise. We saw 80 degs here in Fairbanks only once in July, and that was a squeaker, coming in at 81 on the 26th. For the summer, we have only seen 5 days above 80.

We are on the downhill slide now: The fireweed has gone way past bloom and Atigun Pass saw 5 inches of snow earlier in the week. It won’t be far off and the Lower Forty-Eighters will be out of the deep fry and we will be back in the deep freeze.

Enjoy that thought…We’re suppose to see 72 degs tomorrow.