The Return of Dragnet

From the Unalaska Police Blotter

22 May, Wednesday
0001 – Drunk Disturbance – A dipsomaniac reported that his dipsomaniac sibling was causing problems at their shared residence. An officer responded and told the two fully grown men to behave.

2130 – Assault – Caller reported being struck several times in the face after he squirted a former coworker with a squirt gun. Under investigation.

12 May, Sunday

2311 – Suspicious Person/Activity – A man reported being threatened by another man, of whom he was able to provide only a vague description. He asked that officers locate the nondescript suspect and talk to him. Officers were surprisingly unable to positively identify the unremarkable man in question.

1608 – Welfare Check – Caller reported a young boy riding a bicycle without supervision. Officers found the young boy’s mother not far behind him.

2246 – Fire Safety – Fire personnel responded to the apartment of a woman who reported that her smoke alarm was beeping incessantly.

2247 – Assistance Rendered – An officer helped a homeowner change the batteries in her smoke alarm, so the incessant beeping would stop. The Fire Chief returned to the homeowner’s residence a few minutes later and helped her change the batteries in her other smoke alarm, so that it too would quit beeping

1155 – Environmental – Two callers reported 20-40 eagles feasting on discarded fish fillets conveniently left in the back of a pickup truck, and the sheer number of eagles made it difficult for other drivers to safely access vehicles parked nearby. An officer scared the eagles away and advised the owner of the pickup to properly dispose of the fish.

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  • Thomas Schmeh

    he he he… funny stuff here  


  • Andy Clark

    I love reading Police blotters so really enjoyed this… My favorite from Osky was the report of a car breakin where the items missing included “a social security check and a blow-up doll”…. Take care…

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