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A Brazilian Campfire

I’ve been told it’s the “additives” that gives the fire a Brazilian flavor.

The Americas Unite

What happens when the cool winds of Alaska meets up with the tropical breezes of Brazil, and a Yankee Clipper from New York State? I don’t know either, but we are about to find out. See you all in Eastern Canada!

”Now the Four Way Lodge is opened, now the Hunting Winds are loose,

Now the Smokes of Spring go up to clear the brain;

Now the Young Men’s hearts are troubled for the whisper of the Trues;

Now the Red Gods make their medicine again…

We must go, go, go away from here.

On the other side the world we’re overdue…”

—- Rudyard Kipling

Cheers, and by all means, Stay Beautiful!

“There were the Romantic, who appeared to believe that if everyone did this sort of thing all the time the world’s troubles would soon be over. There were the Envious, who thanked God they were not coming; and there were the other sort, who said with varying degrees of insincerity that they would give anything to come.”

— Peter Fleming, “Brazilian Adventure”


“In my view, to sign on to an expedition bound for the interior of Brazil is neither laudable or extraordinary but rather the reverse. Most people of my age (twenty-four) would do it like a shot, if they had the chance … it is unpleasant to be regarded as a lunatic or a hero when you know perfectly well that you are merely going to take an exceptionally long holiday.”

— Peter Fleming, “Brazilian Adventure”, 1933

The End of the VW Type 2


The iconic Volkswagen Type 2, or the Camper Van which it is more commonly known as, is about to follow the Beetle into the sunset. The final van will be produced in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil on 20 December of this year, ending a 63 year production run.

Using the same rear engine and axles of the VW Type 1 Beetle, the low cost, robust and easy to repair VW “Bus” gained a loyal fan base of its own.

Volkswagen stopped production of the Type 2 in Germany in 1979, then production stopped in South Africa and Mexico, leaving only the production plant in Brazil which exported to the rest of Latin America.

A special edition model, costing $37,500 will be available to the Brazil market. The demand for that model has been high enough for VW to double the numbers produced. Obviously, that makes it slightly less affordable than during it’s peak.

Rainbow Camper Line Up
A fleet of VW Camper Vans available for rent in Scotland.



It may be my (slightly) quirky nature, but I would love to go to Manaus. Just look where it is! In the middle of the Amazon, where the Rio Negro meets the Amazonas.

Think of the trek to get there. Even before today’s World Cup draw, I’ve looked at maps and wondered, “How can I get there and how poor of a condition is Rodovia Transamazônica really?. Hmmmm….


A small section of the Trans-Amazonian Highway.

People world-wide are correct: Futbol causes excitement.