Daily Archives: 22 January 2014


I received two messages today suggesting that the Circle to Circle cover page has become a bit stale. I realize I’ve neglected the site this month. Work has been relatively slow since Thanksgiving, so in January, I accepted an invite to sub myself out to another company for a few months. I believe they call this “Whoring Oneself Out” in the trades.

It’s been a frustrating situation on some levels. Mainly, they are insanely unorganized, and that fact has been driving me nuts. My crew is already well ahead of schedule, and nobody seems to know what to do with us now that we’ve gotten this far. We’ve been getting “busy work” the past two days, which I have little patience for. I do know that they want me to join the company full time, and I’m starting to get trained into areas of the company that I’d rather not get involved with at all. I keep reminding them that I am a free agent, and in March I plan on testing the market. They keep pretending not to hear me.
So far, the new J.O.B. has offered little to write about on here, and it has left me mentally frustrated, so that I have had little interest in any attempt at online creativity. With that said, I will try not to go totally silent between now and the Frozen Four in early April.

In other news: It was 30 degs above zero at my place this morning at 6am. That is beyond unusual. When I arrived home tonight, the cabin was a sweaty 80 degs due to the excess heat of the woodstove, and I had to quickly change into shorts and a t-shirt just to be comfortable as I opened a cold beer.
Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I can’t quite get my mind wrapped around the idea of such a mild winter. I think it’s a great idea for the Polar Vortex to visit other parts of the country from time to time. Let us share the wealth.