Daily Archives: 11 January 2014

Top Odd Questions Alaskans get Asked:

10. What time do you turn on the northern lights?

9. How do you keep the animals inside Denali National Park?

8. Are all your vegetables frozen?

7. You can drive to Alaska? I thought it was an island.

6. If Alaska and Hawaii are so close, why do they have such different climates?

5. What kind of currency do you use and what’s the exchange rate?

4. Can I see your green card?

3. How do you know what time it is when it’s always dark?

2. Do you have to use snowshoes or a dog team to go everywhere?

And the No. 1 question Alaskans get is “does everyone still live in igloos?”

My favorite bonus question: “Do you know any Eskimonians?”

Poll conducted by The Daily News-Miner