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PSU Visits Mariucci

In honor of Penn State’s first ever visit to Mariucci Arena:

PSU Lion Going Gopher

It’s also senior weekend: Minnesota seniors Nate Condon, Justin Holl, Jake Parenteau, Tom Serratore and Michael Shibrowski will be playing their final series at Mariucci.

“Detroit City Blues”

Happy birthday to Fats Domino, who turned 86 today. Here’s Fats doing his first release from 1949, “Detroit City Blues”. The “B” side of the 45, was “The Fat Man”, which sold over a million copies by 1953.

Tired Iron

Tired Iron 1

The 9th Annual “Tired Iron” snowmachine race was held on the Chena River in downtown Fairbanks today. It’s quite the event, although I always come home smelling like 2-cycle gas/oil mix exhaust.

“Tired Iron” is a series of events, with only 1979 or older model snowmachines. There are trophies for the most obnoxious sled, the oldest sled, the oldest driver, as well as races for both air and water cooled machines, and one race for sleds with a max speed of 25mph. There is also “moose nugget bowling”, which I really do not want to get into here.

Every year, the races draw quite the crowd, and this year was no exception. It was an absolutely beautiful day out on the Chena, with totally clear skies, and a high near 12 above.

Tired Iron 2

Tired Iron 3

Tired Iron 4

Tired Iron 5

Tired Iron 6



“The Dirty D”


A 1963 Pontiac Le Mans Super Duty racing at the Detroit Dragway with John DeLorean behind the wheel.

The Detroit Dragway was a 1/4 Mile Drag Strip, sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association, which opened in 1959. It was the home of the US Nationals in 1959 and 1960, before they were moved to Indianapolis Raceway. Up until the late 1970’s, the typical weekend crowd was around 30,000 spectators. By the mid 1980’s, however, crowds had dropped down to a 500 turnout.

The “Dirty D” closed in 1998.

A few years ago, one of Pontiac’s original 1963 Tempest Le Mans Super Duty was spotted on ebay. The owner, not knowing he had his hands on an extremely rare factory race car, opened the bidding at $500. The car, needing a complete restoration and without an engine, eventually sold for over $226,000. The auctioned Pontiac, turned out to be the missing Stan Antlocer Super Duty Tempest Le Mans Coupe.

The ebay Super Duty
The Stan Antlocer ebay Super Duty

Thunderbird Falls

Thunderbird Falls by Banan Tarr Photography

Here’s a cool photo of a frozen Thunderbird Falls near Eagle River, Alaska. The pic is by Banan Tarr Photography out of Anchorage. His stuff is worth checking out, but I think one is forced to go on that facebook site to look at them.

Backyard Face Off

Moose vs Sculpture

A great photo from the Anchorage Daily News: A moose in a backyard off of Wisconsin Street in Anchorage, comes face to face with a sculpture hanging from a birch tree.

Speaking of moose: When I went outside this morning to start the truck, I found a moose curled up in the snow alongside the parked Beetle. I’m not sure which one of us was more surprised at our meeting in the faint pre-dawn light.

Yuengling’s Ice Cream Returns

Yuengling Ice Cream

Established in 1829, D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewery in the U.S. I was more than a little surprised to learn that, as of 2011, it was also tied with the Boston Beer Company for the largest brewery in the United States by volume.

With prohibition, Yuengling started to produce ice cream in 1920, which was followed by other dairy products. The Black & Tan ice cream was common throughout the Pennsylvania area until 1985, when the manufacturing stopped.

After 30 years, Yuengling is once again producing ice cream. For some reason, I think I’ll have to seek some of this out in Philadelphia. If it was called anything other than Black & Tan, I doubt I’d be intrigued, but I think I’ll have to have myself a pint.

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