Daily Archives: 23 February 2014

Tired Iron

Tired Iron 1

The 9th Annual “Tired Iron” snowmachine race was held on the Chena River in downtown Fairbanks today. It’s quite the event, although I always come home smelling like 2-cycle gas/oil mix exhaust.

“Tired Iron” is a series of events, with only 1979 or older model snowmachines. There are trophies for the most obnoxious sled, the oldest sled, the oldest driver, as well as races for both air and water cooled machines, and one race for sleds with a max speed of 25mph. There is also “moose nugget bowling”, which I really do not want to get into here.

Every year, the races draw quite the crowd, and this year was no exception. It was an absolutely beautiful day out on the Chena, with totally clear skies, and a high near 12 above.

Tired Iron 2

Tired Iron 3

Tired Iron 4

Tired Iron 5

Tired Iron 6