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Erin Crocker’s #16


Erin Crocker’s #16 sprint car sits in the front window display area of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum.
In 2002, Crocker had five A-feature wins in a 360 Sprint. In 2003, moving up to the 410 division, Crocker became the first woman in the World of Outlaws history to qualify for the Knoxville Nationals. She was the 2003 Nationals’ Rookie of the Year.

Notice the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute sponsorship.

Erin Crocker with #16

“A story-teller has three important jobs: Explain our relationship with the world and each other; pass on information from one generation to the next; and finally, to simply entertain.”
— Itah Sadu
Oral story-teller from Barbados


The more things change…

The more things stay the same…

The neighborhood just isn’t the same with that huge tree gone.