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Power Wagon

Power Nap


A black bear in Saskatchewan climbed a power pole in order to avoid a couple of dogs. After the view got old, the bear naturally took a nap while up on the pole.


The Penthouse Suite

Photos come courtesy of SaskPower

Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial
The Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial

Photo Credit: American Battle Monuments Commission

Fair is fair…


While in Moab:


Stop by the Jailhouse Cafe. Best breakfast of our trip.

Roughing It in Colorado


It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

Canyon de Chelly



A spur of the moment side trip took us to Canyon de Chelly in Northern Arizona.
What an incredible sight. The canyon is owned by the Navajo Nation, and the vast majority of trails can only be hiked with a guide.
We didn’t get a guide, but ventured out to Massacre Canyon, where I took these pics.
Battery issues with the digital camera forced me to go back to film, Whoo Hoo!, but I was able to get a view to upload.
An absolutely phenomenal spot and one I will have to return to. Canyon de Chelly is loaded with cliff dwellings and petroglyphs.

Meteor Crater



We stopped at Meteor Crater near Winslow AZ. The crater was formed around 50,000 years ago, when a nickel-iron meteorite 160 feet across slammed into the Earth.

The crater is 3900 feet in diameter and is 570 feet deep.

Overland Expo 2014



Far and away, my favorite rigs at the Expo. I could trade my Chevy in for that Dodge.

So much bigger here at Flagstaff than when it was held in Southern Arizona at Amado.
I was driving when we arrived in the dark, and quickly realized that the rows of campers had become cul-de-sacs of parked trucks. I’m not overly zealous when crowds and lines are involved, so we escaped to a beautiful campground in the national forest. Best move we made until the Mother Road Brewery.

McCook, NE

Worth the effort…

… But come hungry.

Stopping in McCook, we hit the Loop Brewing Co, which is in the converted, historic railroad depot.
The recommendation came via a rather round-a-bout manner, but at least it paid off.